Need to Know

1. EAT AND DRINK NOTHING for SIX hour prior to your appointment – please, for your own safety
(Please keep a watchful eye on the kids!)

2. TRANSPORT HOME: You are not allowed to drive a car for 8 hours after you’ve received anaesthetic. So even if you are feeling right as rain, please arrange for a responsible person to escort you home.

3. COUGHS AND COLDS: Please inform the clinic at once if either of these occur. This may spare you an unnecessary trip to the clinic as the anaesthetist may consider it unwise to anaesthetize you.

4. CHILDREN: Parents can assist tremendously in making this a relatively pleasant experience for your youngster. Try and conceal your natural anxiety and prepare them by telling them why they are coming to the clinic. Tell them they will receive a small scratch on the arm or blow up a balloon, sleep for a little while and not feel anything. With the child’s co-operation the induction of anaesthesia will be smooth and quite pleasant.

5. VALUABLES: Please leave any valuables or money at home as the clinic cannot be held responsible for loss of same.

6. PAYMENT: Should you not belong to a Medical Aid, payment must be made on day of admission. CARD, CASH AND EFT ACCEPTED.